Live Trading Room

I am now offering access to my live trading room for those who want to follow along with other
traders using the system in a real-time environment. We follow all of the equity index futures as
well as some spot FOREX and currency futures when someone is trading those. In addition to
learning the nuances of the system it is a great opportunity to learn how to follow the market
structure and advance your trading skills.

One of the best parts of the room is the mix of traders. We have both veteran traders eager to
help and novice traders eager to learn. Many people who follow similar markets and time frames
pair up and act as extra eyes and accountability partners. It is a great place to share ideas and
get feedback. There are enough traders there that practically every charting software is
represented and we have developed a culture of sharing and helping so templates, tweaks and
assistance are always available.

The veteran traders are good about calling the things they are seeing in the market and their
own trades as they occur. There are also directional arrows so anyone can see what others are
doing in the market. I try to post a chart of what I am looking at when system signals are starting
to set up. Then I call the signal as it occurs for the ones I am taking. It is definitely not a pick
service but it is possible to follow along with the trades. The greater purpose of the room is from
the philosophy of "teach a man to fish..."

The software we use is free and allows for the posting of charts, use of text or voice and private
messaging. Access to the room comes with the purchase of
the system and does not expire.
There are no subscriptions or anything else to buy. The links for the software will come with
your confirmation email if you choose to join us. I hope to see you there.

Watts Trading Group
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