Recommended Trading Resources

A time tested scalping system especially useful
in trading the E-mini futures contracts. Filled
with step by step instructions and examples.
Comes with access to my live trading room,
Trading-Focus Audio and lifetime email/IM
consultation. For more information
click here.

Get it now for just $67
Get an edge on the mental side
of trading

BalanceTrader is a learning course that teaches a
methodology based on Auction Market Theory (AMT) and
uses Market Profile as its main tool. You will learn how to
use AMT to assess the current state of the market and
make better trading decisions. This involves identifying
market cycles, support and resistence and using those key
ingredients to see if the currency market conditions support
you technical indicators.

Frank Butera, the creator, is a very active leader in the live
trading room and a trader I respect a lot. He uses my
system in conjunction with his market reading tools and
does an excellent job in both his trading and his teaching.

It is the perfect companion tool for the E-mini Scalping

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